The Finance Bill 2020 : 19/10/2019

The Finance Bill 2020

The Finance Bill 2020 and the corresponding reports in Arabic and French are available on the internet portal of the Ministry.

These documents cover :

The body of the Bill 2020

Reports and notes on the Bill 2020 :

Note presenting the Finance Bill 2020

Economic and Financial Report

Report on Public Establishments and Entreprises

Report on Autonomously Managed State Institutions (SEGMA)

Report on Treasury Special Accounts Report on Tax Expenditures

Report on Public Debt

Report on Results-Based Budget taking into account the Gender aspect

Report on Human resources

Report on Compensation

Report on the Mobilization of Public Land for Investment

Note on the Regional Distribution of Investment

Note on Common Costs Expenditures

​​The Guideline of the Head of Government on the Finance Bill 2020