Our Missions

Our Missions

As part of its mandate, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for financial and monetary issues, including political funds and external finance.

Moreover, it ensures the financial supervision of public companies and institutions or State participation and, where appropriate, contributes largely to their transfer to the private sector, in legislative and regulatory processes of privatization.

More specifically, the main objectives of the Department are: 

In fiscal and budgetary matters:

  • Development of the Finance Act and monitoring of its effective implementation;
  • Definition, discussion and development of tax and customs policies and monitoring of their implementation
  •  Public revenue collection;
  •  Payment of public spending. 

In financial matters:

  • Definition of internal and external financial stability terms and development of the provisions and measures for their implementation;
  • Guardianship regulatory and technical institutions and financial intermediaries;
  • Representation of Morocco in the regional and international financial institutions.

Concerning control:

  • Control of revenue and expenditure;
  • Financial control of companies and public institutions and, more generally, any entity receiving financial assistance from the State or its agencies;
  • Audit of local authorities;
  • Regulation and control of the business of insurance and reinsurance companies.

In terms of restructuring and asset disposal:

  • Conducting audits of companies and public institutions, in particular for their possible restructuring and nationalization;
  • Establishment of the list of entities to sell or privatize under the Finance Act;
  • Development of records disposal and privatization accompanied with expert advice in a wide consultation;
  • Decisive contribution in the preparation of programs to conclude contracts with public institutions and their effective implementation.

In addition, the Department is responsible for:

  • Carrying out actions relating to movable and immovable property of the State;
    Defending the government in court, through the Judicial Office of the Kingdom (AJR).