Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are issued Treasury bonds on the domestic market?

The Treasury instruments auction market, which has become the main financing source for the Treasury, is governed by a decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance and a set of joint circulars issued by the Department of Treasury and External Finance and Bank Al Magrhib (Moroccan Central Bank). The Department of Treasury and External Finance informs investors of the monthly schedule of auctions which are held according to the Dutch auction method.

  1. Where can I find information regarding domestic debt market transactions? 

The Department of Treasury and External Finance is in charge of issuing domestic debt and proceeding cash management transaction and discloses results on daily basis at the home page of the Ministry and IIR websites.

  1. What is the Responsibility of the Department of Treasury and External Finance regarding the fields of public debt management?

Public debt management is the responsibility of the Department of Treasury and External Finance which belongs to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The Ministry of Economy and Finance is the authority which signs all loan contracts and centralizes the indebtedness (external and domestic) processes and is responsible for:  

  • Meeting the treasury's financing requirements through mobilization of the required domestic and external resources,
  •  Negotiating external financing in connection with financial protocols, balance of payments, structural adjustment loans and international financial market,
  • Mobilizing borrowing and payment of debt service,
  •  On-lending and providing guarantee for external borrowing, and
  •  Implementing a dynamic and active management of existing central government debt.
  1. How are compiled statistics of external debt ?

External debt statistics are compiled in accordance with the recommendations of the External Debt Statistics: Guide for Compilers and Users (IMF, 2003) and the 5th edition of the Manuel of Balance of Payments (MBP5) of the IMF. In addition, data on external debt are compiled in accordance with data on the international investment position (IIP).