customs and excise administration

Customs and Excise Administration

Traditionally in charged of the collection of customs and duties taxes, of excise taxes and quasi-taxes, the fight against the illicit traffics and with the control of the goods and with the persons at borders, Customs saw confiding new missions of strong economic and security stakes. 

Customs : a tax authority

The customs Administration income constitute an essential contribution for the Budget. Indeed, Customs collect a significant part of the fiscal budgetary recipes of the State (about 40 % annually).

Customs : an administration with economic vocation

Customs and Excise Administration plays a major role in the development of trades as well as in the support of companies and the strengthening of their competitiveness through diverse measures of facilitation which it sets up. It contributes to the institution of an attractive environment, convenient to the investment and to the development of the business by fighting against all the forms of commercial fraud and by adapting constantly its procedures to the company’s needs for the trade facilitation.

Customs : a contribution to the protection of citizens, environment and national heritage

The protection of citizens

Customs play an essential role in the fight led by public authorities for the protection of morality, safety, public order and citizen’s health. This institution brings its competition for the consumer’s protection by watching the respect for regulations applicable to the import, regarding control of the technical standards, the sanitary, veterinary and phytosanitary measures and the protection of the intellectual property rights. Its intervention in this domain also consists in fighting against the currents of fraud and in stopping the illicit traffics of goods susceptible to threaten the public health and security (Narcotics, forged articles, weapons and explosives, dangerous products or not corresponding to the required sanitary and technical standards, etc.).

The environmental protection

Within the framework of protection mission, Moroccan Customs contributes in the environmental protection. Customs agents on borders participate in traffic check of products harmful to the environment (toxic waste, substances impoverishing the ozone layer, polluting products, etc.) and fight against illicit traffic of endangered animal and vegetable species.

The protection of national heritage

Customs contribute to the protection and the preservation of the national heritage ( cultural, artistic, archaeological heritage). It collaborates with competent public departments to fight against the illegal export of works of art, items of collection and antiquities or national cultural property.

Customs : a contribution to the protection of citizens, environment and national heritage

In a context where the risks of transnational criminality increase, the Customs is called, due to its position and its field of intervention, to strengthen its vigilance in particular on the borders. It is requested just as much to guarantee the fluidity of the exchanges. The challenge consists for her to reconcile reassurance of the international supply chain and the facilitation of the licit trade.

It is as such that the Moroccan Customs saw confiding new responsibilities:

  • The anti-money laundering,
  • The fight against forgery.

The two important vectors of the transnational criminality.