Department of State Property

Department of State Property

The State's private domain consists of all real and personal properties that are owned by the State and are not part of its public domain.

It is divided into two categories of property that are subject to different legal regimes:

  • The ordinary domain is run by the Ministery of Economy and Finance (Department of State Property) ;
  • The forest domain is run by the High Commission of Waters and Forests.

The private domain of the State is in principle subject to the duties and obligations of common law to the extent that it is alienable. It is the object of all acts of administration and disposition (sale, rent, exchange, allocation, etc.)

It is characterized by the diversity of its components namely:

  • Buildings that are allocated to public services, such as administrative buildings, schools, health facilities…etc.
  • State's housing stock, part of which is made available to government employees.
  • Urban bare lands, suburban and agricultural.
  • Properties consisting of scrapped material, land and sea wrecks as well as the material that is supplied by different jurisdictions of the kingdom.


Through the mobilization of the private property of the State, the Department of State and Property accomplishes:

  • A mission to support productive investment policies and major State programs ;
  • A structuring mission for a productive and controlled urbanization ;
  • A fundamental mission in developing public facilities and social services ;
  • A boosting mission to construct Social Housing and resettle slums.


In accordance with the provisions of article 12 of Decree N° 2.07.995 of the 23rd of Shawwal (23 October 2008) on the duties and the organization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the State's Department of State and Property is responsible for:

  • The constitution of the State's private domain by way of amicable acquisition and expropriation, seizing of properties coming from vacant successions, confiscations and donations ;
  • The property management through settling its legal status, the renting and allocation of public administrations ;
  • The properties' transfers for investment promotion ;
  • The property evaluations relating to the operations that interest the State's private domain or in the framework of technical assistance ;
  • The control of property operations made by the State and the foreign public establishments ;
  • The sale of the State's housing stock ;
  • The property sales of the scrapped material, land and sea wrecks, as well as the fruits and the products from the State's private domain.