A macro- economic seminar within the framework of the Franco- Moroccan cooperation : 13/12/2013

A macro- economic seminar within the framework of the Franco- Moroccan cooperation

As part of the Franco- Moroccan cooperation between the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance and the public interest group ADETEF, the Directorate of Studies and Financial Forecasts and the French Treasury Department (DGT) organized a macro-economic seminar on December 13th 2013 in Rabat.

Co -chaired by M. CHAFIKI Mohamed, Director of Studies and Financial Forecasts and M. Michel HOUDEBINE, in charge of the Public Policy, the seminar was attended by several officials and heads of the DEPF department, representatives of Economic Affairs of the Embassy of France in Morocco and high ranking officials of the DGT in charge of, foreign trade center, bilateral economic relations and international forecasts.

The seminar was held in two sessions. The first was dedicated to a cross reading of economic and financial circumstances in the world, France and Morocco. The debate focused on the impact of the evolution of the global economy on both economies, key reforms and economic policy choices of the two countries.

The second session was devoted, in relation to the issue of competitiveness and foreign trade, to the global value chains issue (GVC) with the aim to highlight the positioning and opportunities for growth of our respective economies in the global value chain. A special attention was given to the new methods of assessment of foreign trade in terms of added- value.

Therefore, this meeting enabled to better understand the way the CVM operate, to understand the difficulties worthy of this concept, consider, in the case of Morocco, ways to move up the value chain, to make use of the new approaches and strengthen cooperation on this issue.

After this meeting, the two sides welcomed the quality of the exchanges that make these seminars seen as an example of good practice of cooperation and partnership, enhanced by a high level of expertise to serve an exceptional Franco-Moroccan cooperation.

Therefore, four thematics were selected for the seminars planned in 2014: the CVM issue to develop, especially in the case of Morocco, the potential growth, the public funds' opportunity cost and the evaluation of major structuring projects issue.