Upcoming national conference on Tax Reform : 03/04/2012

Upcoming national conference on Tax Reform

Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Economy and Finance announced Tuesday, March 27th 2012 in Rabat that a national conference on tax reform will be held soon to set up an inventory of the sector and examine means to ensure its development.

"This meeting is an opportunity to reach a consensus vision of reforms to be undertaken in the sector," stated Mr.Baraka to the MAP in connection with the 2012 Finance Bill review within the Finance and Economic Development Commission in the House of Representatives.

Participants will include members of Parliament, economic actors and the associations involved, according to the Minister.

This meeting, he added, will enable to assess the achievements to date as far as tax reform is concerned with a view to achieving the goals of the government statement for tax base and setting up an efficient and stimulating system for economic and social development.

According to Mr. Baraka, it was decided to create a commission for the Organic Law reform concerning the Finance Bill with a view to consolidate transparency and integrate regional and medium-term prospects.