Signature of a partnership and cooperation agreement between the National Road Safety Agency and Al Barid Bank & Barid Cash : 01/06/2021

Signature of a partnership and cooperation agreement between the National Road Safety Agency and Al Barid Bank & Barid Cash

On the other hand, the implementation of the action program of the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA) for the year 2021, in particular the axis relating to the improvement of the quality of local services provided to users at the level of the 76 registration centers, Mr. Mohamed Benchaaboun, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Administration Reform, and Mr. Abdelkader Amara, Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, chaired in Rabat on Tuesday June 1st 2021, the signing ceremony of a partnership and cooperation agreement between NARSA, Al Barid Bank & Barid Cash.

This agreement mainly aims to improve the services provided to citizens by the territorial representations of NARSA, through the gradual delegation of operations for the deposit and withdrawal of driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates, to agencies under Al Barid Bank and Barid Cash. The registration centers for their part will focus on the sovereign missions relating to the validation of driver's license files and vehicle registration documents, passing the theoretical and practical exam to obtain the driving license and the homologation to isolated title of vehicles. In addition, and with the objective of promoting the policy of proximity to users, Al Barid Bank and Barid Cash will initially provide NARSA with 763 branches spread over the different regions of the Kingdom, including the list will be published as of when this partnership is deployed.

Therefore, instead of moving to a single point of engagement at the provincial or prefecture level, citizens can go to the nearest branch of Al Barid Bank or Barid Cash to submit their files and request one of the services related to the driver's license or vehicle registration certificate, as soon as this operation is launched by NARSA.

Through the gradual implementation of this partnership, NARSA plans to improve the services provided to citizens through the following actions:

• Improving the conditions of reception, guidance and support for users, and their support at the closest point to their place of residence in order to avoid their trips over hundreds of kilometers (such as this is the case for some provinces such as Khémisset, Ouarzazate, Errachidia, Settat, Taroudant, Bouarfa and others);

• The application of the "one-stop-shop" principle by bringing together all the services relating to the submission of files, the withdrawal of documents and the payment of fees;

• Reducing the processing time for files and issuing driving licenses and registration cards;

• Information, by SMS, of customers on the availability of driver's licenses and registration cards or the rejection of their files;

• Access to NARSA services outside of administrative hours, during weekends and holidays;

• Archiving and digitization of physical files. In addition, NARSA is preparing a global communication plan dedicated to this operation aimed, firstly, at popularizing the procedures and services delegated to the agencies of Al Barid Bank and Barid Cash and, on the other hand, the announcement provisional dates for the entry into force of each service delegated to said agencies.