Investor Relations Team contacts

Investor Relations Team contacts

Investor Relations Contact

M. EDDEBAGH Abdelali
Deputy Director in Charge of Macro-economic Sector

M. EDDEBAGH is managing the Divisions of Balance of Payment, Treasury Transactions and Monetary & Banking Regulatory studies.
Tel : +(212) 537-67-73-56

Domestic Debt Contact


Mme.SABOUNJI Soumaya
Head of Domestic Debt Division
Mme SABOUNJI is In charge of Domestic Debt and cash management
Tel : + (212) 537-67-73-73
Fax : ---

International Financial Market Contact


M. JOUAHRI Abdelhakim
Head of International Financial Market and Restructuring Debt Division, Debt Office
In Charge of (i) the relationships with investment banks and international investors, (ii) the relationships with rating agencies, (iii) the international bonds and syndicated loans and (iv) active debt management
Tel : +212 5 37 67 74 08
Fax : +212 5 37 67 74 09

Additional information:

Postal address: Ministry of Economy and Finance - Department of Treasury and External Finance - : Bd. Med V. Quartier Administratif Rabat - Chellah Morocco