Signing of a partnership agreement between the MEF and the Malagasy Ministry of Finance and Budget : 10/05/2018

Signing of a partnership agreement between the MEF and the Malagasy Ministry of Finance and Budget

The MEF Secretary General, accompanied by the Director of Administrative and General affairs, received the morning of 10 Mai 2018 a senior delegation from the Ministry of Finance and Budget of the Republic of Madagascar, headed by the Director of public accounting. This meeting was followed by the establishment of a partnership agreement between both Ministries.

The objective of this partnership agreement is to establish a long- term bilateral cooperation between both sides and provide a better planning of cooperation actions in the field of technical assistance, sharing of experience and capacity building.

The MEF Secretary General stressed, during this meeting, the excellent relations between Morocco and Madagascar. He also focused on the Kingdom’s efforts for implementing a new economic development model and the role of the MEF in this program. In addition, the Secretary General underlined the different reforms conducted by the Ministry and its openness to sharing its experience in various fields with partner countries.

This meeting is part of a study and experience sharing visit by a delegation of 10 Malagasy senior officials within the Directorates of the MEF in order to learn about its experience in the following domains : i) the structure and the functioning of the Single Treasury Account ; (ii) the preparation and the implementation of the State budget, as well as the establishment of budget reports ; (iii) the active management of the treasury and debt ; (iv) information systems in terms of public finance management.

The visit included meetings at the level of the Directorate of Administrative and General Affairs (DAAG), the General Treasury of the Kingdom (TGR), the Directorate of Budget (DB) and the Directorate of Treasury and External Finances (DTFE).

The opening session took place, May 07th 2018 at the headquarters of the Directorate of Administrative and General Affairs, where a welcoming address was given in honour of the members of the delegation by the Director of Administrative and General Affairs.

This session was devoted to presentations on : (i) major programs and reform projects launched in the Kingdom and (ii) the structure and functions of the MEF, reform projects conducted by the MEF, with a particular emphasis on South–South cooperation. A visit was also organized at the Data Center of the Ministry.

The presentation of the MEF experience was detailed at the TGR, the DB, the DTFE, in May 08th ,09th , and 10th 2018. At the level of the General treasury of the Kingdom, the Delegation was received by the Director of accounting and public accounts and other senior officials and officials of the TGR. Discussions focused on : the presentation of the Treasury single account and the Treasury management ; The Treasury banking ; the presentation of the TGR information systems (GID, GIR, Wadef@ujour, SI-PCE) and a visit to the TGR Data Center.

Concerning the Budget Directorate, the presentations focused attention on : the presentation on the Organic Law of the Finances Act (LOF) and the PLF guidelines draft ; E-budget platform (Budget nomenclature, three-year budget programming, performance project, detailed departmental expenditures) ;

For the Direction of Treasury and External Finances, discussions focused mainly on : Legal and regulatory framework for the Treasury management ; and the management of the Treasury current account ; documents and files that form the basis for the DTFE to prepare cash flow forecasts ; Participation of the Delegation members in an auction session as well as a session of investment in the capital market office of the DTFE and the viewing of bloomberg E-Bond system.

At the end of this event, a closing session was held in the DAAG, during which the broadlines of the next cooperation steps were determined.

The Malagasy Delegation members expressed their appreciation of the welcoming atmosphere and the debates held and thanked all the MEF Directions which made every effort to succeed this event.