Development model of the south provinces : Mr. BOUSSAID stresses the satisfaction of the monitoring committee : 30/11/2016

Development model of the south provinces : Mr. BOUSSAID stresses the satisfaction of the monitoring committee

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, took part November 30th 2016 in Rabat, in the monitoring committee meeting, in charge of the follow up of the development model of south provinces. This event gathered ministers and representatives of the departments, public institutions and enterprises involved.

According to the MAP “Maghreb Arab Press”, this meeting was characterized by a general presentation on the progress of all projects in the various southern provinces, as well as a detailed sector-based presentation on the implementation rate and the progress of projects and studies, besides tenders relating to

The included projects and problems facing these projects.

The same source noted that these presentations

Covered various sectors, namely agriculture and maritime fishing sector, irrigation and irrigated areas, drinking water, electricity, health, culture,

Development (ports, roads, airports...), crafts, solidarity-based economy, higher education and phosphates.

In a press statement, Mr. BOUSSAID pointed out the satisfaction of the monitoring committee at the progress of these projects and transparency in meeting this program’s target dates and which will be completed in 2021”. He, moreover, stressed that this meeting is the second one held by the monitoring committee within the framework of monitoring of the new development model of southern provinces, initiated by his Majesty King Mohammed VI, in laâyoune, on the 40th anniversary of the Green March. In this respect, the Minister of Economy and Finance note that 2016 was characterized by the preparation and launching of projects and the related studies. He stressed that the whole planed programs and projects are being considered or are already launched.

He thus stated that some of these projects were completed, such as the Guelmim airport and some achievements in the agriculture and maritime fishing sector. He added that financing partnership agreements were signed with stakeholders, departments and regions.

Moreover, the Minister recalled that the development model of southern provinces is based on three pillars namely, basic infrastructures, the national development plan (28 billion dirhams), economic programs (46 billion dirhams), as well as social programs, including cultural projects (4 billion dirhams).

​It should be recalled that the development model of the southern provinces is an integrated model that covers all economic, social or environmental development sectors, for a financial sum of about 77 billion dirhams, directed to financing more than 600 projects, including important and structured programs such as the main road between Tiznit and Dakhla, the port of Dakhla maritime fishing, water desalination, as well as structural projects linked to phosphates sector and its development ( 19 billion dirhams) and to renewable energy ( more than 10billion dirhams).