13th Plenary Assembly of the National Accounting Council : 22/12/2015

13th Plenary Assembly of the National Accounting Council

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, chaired, Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 in Rabat, the thirteenth Plenary Meeting of the National Accounting Council (CNC).

This event was particularly devoted to the review and adoption of three projects on sector-based accounting standards, namely the Project of the Agricultural Accounting Plan, the Project of the Accounting Plan of collective investment in Transferable Securities (OPCVM) and the Project of Accounting Plan of Venture Capital Investment Organization (OPCR).

The Project of the Agricultural Accounting Plan follows the provisions of the Finance Act 2014 with a view to the gradual integration of agricultural activities in the Moroccan tax system. This project aims to support the progress made in the Green Morocco Plan for the promotion of this sector. It has been developed taking into account the particular features of the agricultural sector and meeting the proposals for simplification.

As for the Accounting Plans Projects of the OPCVM and OPCR, which are developing activities, they represent new and modern accounting standards that are suitable to the activities of those organizations. They aim to the harmonization of accounting systems related to these entities, to improve management and control and to contribute to their upgrade in comparison with the international standards.

Mr. BOUSSAID took this opportunity to state that this reference body on accounting standards presents today an honorable record thanks to the efforts and active involvement of all public actors and private bodies.

​ He also invited all stakeholders to join efforts to ensure the deployment of standards thus produced, through sustained measures of information and extension and to further discussions for the modernization of the national accounting framework.