The Launching of the guarantee product of honor loans “MOUWAKABA” . : 01/06/2014

The Launching of the guarantee product of honor loans “MOUWAKABA” .

To further support the project leaders, the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG) launched the “MOUWAKABA " product, first guarantee tool of honor loans by the associations for young entrepreneurs.

The honor loans are now a source of equity financing for entrepreneurs and are provided by associations such as NGOs specialized in the accompaniment of project leaders.

Honor loans are non-interest-bearing (0%) and are granted on a medium and long term, without required security. They allow entrepreneurs to overcome the insufficient capitals.

“MOUWAKABA “can guarantee 70% of the honor loan to a maximum of 300,000 dirhams.

Through the reduction of the risk taken by the associations, the Central Guarantee Fund intends to support and strengthen the role of the associative sector to further finance entrepreneurs.

Cooperation agreements will be signed between the CCG and the associations involved in the accompaniment of project leaders having their headquarters in Morocco after the submission of applications to the CCG on the basis of specifications.

​'MOUWAKABA' will further strengthen the CCG offers intended to support the financing of entrepreneurship, particularly small-sized businesses after the launch of "Damane Express", designed to guarantee bank loans and 'Damane Capital risk' venture capital and seed funds guarantee tool.