Institutional Twinning between the General Inspectorates of Finance of Morocco (As beneficiary), France and Portugal : 15/04/2014

Institutional Twinning between the General Inspectorates of Finance of Morocco (As beneficiary), France and Portugal

The sixth orientation committee of the twinning was held on April 15th, 2014, under the supervision of Mr.Benyoussef SABONI,the General Inspector of  finances (The Moroccan project manager), and  Mr. Eric GISSLER, the General Inspector of  Finances in the IGF of France (project manager of member states), at the presence of Mrs. CASTELAO SILVA,  the Portuguese General Inspector of  Finances ( junior project manager), Mr. Eric JAUSSET, the resident councilor of the twinning and  Mr. Khalid BENDAOU, his counterpart of the Moroccan IGF, the members of the IGF, the representative of the Delegation of the European Union, the representatives of the European Union Delegation and the Support Unit to assist Morocco-EU association agreement program (UAP3A between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and  Cooperation and the representative of the French Embassy  in Rabat.

The Committee meeting started by the speech of the Project manager of the beneficiary country who reminded that this committee covers the period from December 21st, 2013 to March 20th, 2014, and expressed his satisfaction of the progress of the project, some activities of which are achieved with 5 % ahead of the calendar. Therefore, he underlined that the project recorded:

•     A calendar progress of 75 %;
•     An expertise consumption of 69 % (on a total of 560 h/d);
•     A progress of 80 % of the implementation of activities.

The Project manager of the member states then presented the progress of the project by area of activity. Hence, the activities of Sector A are implemented by 98 %, waiting to realize the last activity related to the quality assurance plan of the IGF, and sector B with 90 % and the sector C with 55 %.

Regarding the progress of the activities covered by the reference period, it happens to note that 15 inspectors of finances benefited from internships in France, shared between the IGF, the General Financial Control and the Risks and Audit mission of the DGFIP and 8 modules of training were distributed for the benefit of 8 groups with 12 inspectors of finances each. These modules notably concerned the internal control applied to the public sector, the internal audit which is directed towards the CIA certification, the audit of performance, the evaluation of the public policies, the standards IFRS, IAS and  the consolidation of the public accounts, analysis and evaluation of projects and the techniques of investigation and fight against fraud. The reference period was also marked by the finalization of 3 labour programs related to some ministries and public administrations, private companies and institutions, and local authorities.

After the presentations, the chairman opened a debate, revolved essentially around the idea of communicating more on the project via designing a web site to be dedicated to the project in association with the DAAG and on the preparations for the seminar of closure of the project which will take place in the last week of September, 2014.

After the meeting, Mr. SABONI thanked all the participants for their presence and their involvement in this project, and stressed that the next orientation committee will take place on July 9th, 2014.