Moroccan-Malian relations take new turn following signing of several agreements : 01/10/2010

Moroccan-Malian relations take new turn following signing of several agreements

The Minister of Economy and Finance Mr. Mohamed Bousaid stated, Wednesday, February 19th 2014 in Bamako, that south- south cooperation between Morocco and Mali is founded on solidarity, successful partners​hip and exchange of experience starts to have a positive impact in key sectors According to the Minister, many Moroccan economic actors invested in Mali namely in fields like banking and telecommunication sectors.

He noted that banking sector represents nearly 60% of the Mali market against 50% for the telecommunication sector. As regards the opportunities coming from the high level meeting in Bamako of many ministers, managers and economic operators from public and private sectors of both countries, Mr. Boussaid stated that many requests were made to benefit from Moroccan expertise and investments in different fields.

The 17 agreements relate to different sectors and reflect the commitment of the public and private sectors to get involved in the new impetus given to bilateral relations by HM King Mohammed VI and Malian President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohamed Boussaid, highlighted the extreme importance of the agreements which accompany and complement the vision of Morocco for this region that is in need of significant investments in many sectors. this cooperation strengthens the religious, spiritual, historical, civilizational, political and economic development of Morocco.​

Source: MAP