The Minister`s Speech on national television channel : 23/01/2012

The Minister`s Speech on national television channel

Mr. Nizar Baraka, Minister of Economy and Finance, affirmed that the implementation of the government program presented Thursday by the Head of Government in front of the two Houses of Parliament is able to generate economic promotion and create jobs.       

The Minister, who was the guest of the Thursday news, January 19th 2012 on the national TV channel "Al Oula", added that the program emphasizes the need to strengthen domestic demand by supporting and preserving the purchasing power of citizens through developing investment and supporting the competitiveness of the national economy.

The Minister stressed that Morocco`s shift towards the advanced regionalization, ratified by the new Constitution, will allow a fair distribution of growth between different regions of the Kingdom, an increase in growth rate and job creation.

The Minister expressed his belief that the improvement of governance and the fight against corruption are likely to release more material resources that can be invested to promote the economic growth and job creation.

The Minister also indicated that public policies will be connected to the setting up of mechanisms for monitoring indicators and assessing the objectives achieved and strengthening transparency such as the reform of the Organic Finance Act.

In addition to the efforts to promote employment and reinforce the capacity building of social economy institutions in order to strengthen the mechanisms of solidarity and mutual assistance, the government will implement an action plan to fight corruption, by introducing greater transparency in the functioning of the administration and by re-examining the organization of government procurement, concluded the Minister.