A Meeting with a delegation of journalists from the European Union : 18/06/2010

A Meeting with a delegation of journalists from the European Union

Within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy information programs, European Commission organizes trips for European journalists to different countries, partners of the European Union, in order to report to them about the external actions of this institution.  

In this regard, and upon the request of the European Union Delegation in Rabat, Mr. Abdellatif BENNANI, the Budget Director, met, on Wednesday June 16th 2010, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with a delegation of about twenty journalists from member states of EU, who were on a visit to Morocco.

During this working session, the Budget Director gave a presentation on Morocco`s development strategy and Morocco/EU partnership.

As to Morocco`s development strategy, the Budget Director underlined that it is characterized by:

  • A steady macroeconomic framework marked , in particular, by an average growth rate of around 5% during the last years, an inflation rate not exceeding 2%, a budget deficit contained at around 2% and a decrease of the treasury debt burden at around 47.1% of GDP in 2009.

  • A support of the economic growth through developing public investment, that is oriented towards accelerating large infrastructure projects, speeding up the pace of implementing sectoral strategies, strengthening solidarity and social cohesion and consolidating public governance.

As for the partnership with the EU, It was emphasized that the EU is a strategic partner for Morocco for carrying out structuring projects and for the accomplishment of strategic reforms regarding economic and social development. It was reminded that 2008 witnessed a historic turning point in Morocco / EU relationships, with the adoption of the joint document on the advanced status.

Indeed, granting Morocco the advanced status is an acknowledgment by the EU on the progress made by our country`s political, economic and social reforms to be pursued, which will require significant financial resources to support Morocco in its dynamic growth.

At the end of the presentation, a debate was opened. The main journalists` questions focused on the political organization of the Kingdom of Morocco and the current debate on regionalization, the development of the Northern regions in connection with the fight against cannabis cultivation, highway infrastructure funding and the enhancement of governance.