Finance Bill 2023

Finance Bill 2023

The Finance Bill 2023 and related reports in Arabic and French are available on the MEF Internet Portal.

These documents cover :
    Structure of the Finance Bill 2023

                    - Arabic version

                    - French version

   Reports and notes accompanying the Finance Bill 2023

  • Note of presentation of the Finance Bill 2023
  • Economic and financial report
  • Report on Public Establishments and Enterprises
  • Report on Managed State Services (SEGMA)
  • Report on the Special Treasury Accounts
  • Report on tax expenditures
  • Public Debt Report
  • Report on Gender Responsive Budgeting
  • Human Resources Report
  • Report on Compensation
  • Report on public land mobilized for investment
  • Note on the regional distribution of investment
  • Note on Common Expenditures
  • Three-year budget execution and macroeconomic framework report for the 2023 Budget Plan
  • Guidance Note of the Head of Government on the Finance Bill 2023 (in Arabic)