A new feature for the mobile application «Daribati » : 16/10/2019

A new feature for the mobile application «Daribati »

With a view to pursue its strategy of digitalization and the continuing improvement of services provided to taxpayers, the Directorate General of Taxation (DGI) enhanced the mobile application « DARIBATI » by a new feature enabling individuals to join SIMPL services provided for members : e-filing, e-payment, access to tax accounts, on-line Checking of tax certificates ….

It should be noted that this mobile application is downloaded for free on the platforms (Android) Play Store and (IOS) App Store.

Further information and assistance can be obtained from the (DGI) call center by sending

an e-mail at simpl@tax.gov.ma 

by calling the information center at 05 37 27 37 27 (multilines).