The process to facilitate the clearance formalities is continuing : 18/10/2018

The process to facilitate the clearance formalities is continuing

The simplification of procedures and the improvement of customs measures for the benefit of economic operators were always identified as priorities at the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII).

The computerisation of the clearance circuit and the strong involvement in the electronic data exchange with various partner bodies are key levers.

Within this framework and in order to further simplify customs procedures and to avoid extra trips for companies, the Moroccan Customs made the decision to no longer require dozens of papers. These documents or more specifically the information they provide are henceforth viewed on the internal data bases of the ADII and those provided by its stakeholders.

This new decision is added to a range of the simplification procedures implemented over the past decade and paves the way for the revolution that the full dematerialization of customs procedures expected at the beginning of the year 2019 will constitute.

It should be stressed that this procedure implemented by the ADII is clearly in line with the Royal Directives.

In his speech during the Throne Day in july 29th 2018, His Majesty the King, May God Assist Him, called for the establishment of measures « to prevent […] any public administration to request from a potential investor documents or information that another public administration already possessed.

Therefore, public services have to organise a coordinated information exchange system through access to computing and new technologies ».