Innovative entrepreneurship and support for startups funding at the core of a Casablanca meeting : 02/07/2018

Innovative entrepreneurship and support for startups funding at the core of a Casablanca meeting

Mr. Mohamed Boussaid, Minister of Economy and Finance, took part in Casablanca, Friday June 29th 2018, in the meeting under the theme » Innov Invest Day », at the initiative of the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG), devoted to entrepreneurship, innovation and support for startups financing.

The aim of this meeting is to present the best experience in supporting and financing innovation with a view to encouraging innovation in all areas and value generation.

During his speech in the opening of this event, Mr.Mohammed Boussaid stressed that his department is fully committed to encourage innovative business and Moroccan young talents with projects whishing to start entrepreneurial ventures. This procedure, he underlined, will ensure the support of social and economic development in the Kingdom and all sector-based strategies.

Referring to the issue of startups financing, the Minister stated that it’s urgent to provide special funding tools for businesses and ensure equity and venture capital. This assistance, he noted, must be provided at an early stage of the investment. This is why « Innov Invest Fund » was established which aims at filling the gap in the financing cycle of the initial stages of the establishment of innovative startups.

This conference, which gathered national and international experts, covers issues of crucial importance, namely the dynamism and challenges of entrepreneurship, the assistance, financing and development of startups as well as tools to encourage innovation. A networking area, managed on the sideline of the conference provided the startups and project holders with information on various opportunities available by the Innov Invest Fund and put them in touch with the innovation ecosystem stakeholders.