Updating of the Dirham’s basket weighting : 13/04/2015

Updating of the Dirham’s basket weighting

The Ministry of Economy and Finance and Bank Al-Maghrib decided, April 13th 2015 to update the Dirham’s basket weighting to reflect the current structure of foreign trade of our country.

The new weights are now set at 60% for the Euro and 40% for the US dollar, against respectively 80% and 20% previously.

During this adjustment, the basket weights update has no impact on the value of the Dirham, which is broadly in line with the fundamentals of our economy, as can be seen from the recent evaluation of IMF under Article IV for the year 2014.

​Updating the Dirham’s basket should represent the first step to move to a more flexible exchange rate regime aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of our country and our economy's resilience to external shocks