Launching of the “Fund for the Financial Support of MSME” : 30/06/2014

Launching of the “Fund for the Financial Support of   MSME”

​As part of the initiatives to promote Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)), strengthen their resilience and enhance their contribution to economic growth, Bank Al-Maghrib, GPBM and the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG) agreed to set up a Fund to provide financial assistance to MSME. The aim of this fund, managed by the CCG, is to co-finance with banks operations for the recovery and sustainability of the financial equilibrium of MSMEs considered viable, but facing economic difficulties.

The Fund aims also to reinforce and preserve the productive activities of MSME, particularly exporting companies and those operating in the industrial sector. The medium-sized companies (ETI) can also benefit from this Fund.

The Fund's assistance consists of a subordinated loan of up to 50 million dirhams. Meanwhile, the bank's share can be in the form of assistance to finance the needs for restructuring existing debts, operating or investment. This share may also benefit from the CCG guarantee.

The repayment period of the joint loan may be up to 10 years.

​All Moroccan banks take part in the co-financing mechanism intended for MSME.