The Citizen Budget Bill for the year 2014 : 11/11/2013

The Citizen Budget Bill for the year 2014

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has published the Citizen Budget Bill for the year 2014 so as to implement its commitments to enhance budget transparency and involve citizens in the debate on the Finance Bill. This initiative, launched since 2012, participates in the realization of the rights and freedoms set out in the new Constitution, including the right of access to information.

The citizen Budget Bill, presented in a simple and synthetic way, will allow citizens to take knowledge of the economic and social provisions of the Finance Bill 2014, supported by indicators on the achievements and forecasts for the year 2014. It will also highlight the measures taken by the Government to meet the expectations of citizens, including the poorest categories and those living in rural and remote regions.

Through the publication of this Bill, the aim of the Ministry is to enable citizens and experts to express their views on the Finance Bill for the year 2014, on its assumptions, its policies, its encrypted data and the allocating funds available to the various programs and projects, as well as the new tax and customs legislation.

The public debate on the Citizen Budget Bill, is likely to enable the government to interact with citizens on the Finance Bill and to take into account their expectations and that, within the framework of the strategic guidelines of the State and the available resources