Seminar on the theme: : 06/06/2013

Seminar on the theme:

The Department of Treasury and External Finance held from June 5th to 7th 2013, in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, a seminar on the theme "International Investment Agreements and settlement of disputes between investors and host countries"  Mrs. Fawzia ZAABOUL, Director of Treasury and External Finance, headed the opening session and stressed the importance of the issues addressed by the seminar in view of the light shed on guarantees, instruments and legal mechanisms which must prevail countries wishing to develop a favorable and attractive climate for foreign investment.

Mrs. ZAABOUL recalled Morocco`s efforts to set a favorable environment for foreign investment through the institutional, legal and economic reforms, major infrastructure projects and investment incentives plans that are set up. She also highlighted the agreements network for the promotion and protection of investment and free trade agreement developed by our country with partner countries, making Morocco the second country in Africa and the Arab world in terms of agreements signed.

This event was attended by representatives of all departments of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, representatives of government departments and public institutions, the judiciary, investment and arbitration Centres, business community and the banking sector. It also provided a platform for exchange and sharing of case law developments in terms of disputes between foreign investors and host countries as well as the impact of this law on the provisions of funds and procedural international investment agreements.

The seminar was held in three sessions. The first session was devoted to reviewing different types of international investment agreements, issues formulations substantive provisions and their interpretation by arbitral tribunals. The second session focused on considering the reasons for the use of arbitration as well as means of dispute settlement investor / state. During the third session, cases of disputes opposing investors to host States have been presented and a simulation case covering all procedural and substantive aspects was achieved.