The 2012 Open Budget Survey put Morocco second in the MENA region : 29/01/2013

The 2012 Open Budget Survey put Morocco second in the MENA region

Morocco was ranked second in the MENA countries behind Jordan according to the 2012 Open Budget Survey, achieving a score of 38 last year against 28 in 2010, stated a report by the International budget partnership.

    The Kingdom, ranked the fifth in the MENA region in 2010, is considered among the 14 countries out of 100 surveyed in the Open Budget study, which made a significant change between 2006 and 2012.

This is theresult of Morocco`s efforts to improve fiscal transparency, including the enhancement of information available to Parliament and the public at the time of the presentation of the Budget Act and the publication of the Citizen Budget for the first time in 2012.

Thus, the government is developing new bills that aim at strengthening fiscal transparency by reference to the highest international standards, including the Organic Law on the Finance Act and the law on access to information. This represents an opportunity to improve the current rankings of the Kingdom as regards fiscal transparency.

In addition, the survey recommends the publication of a report prior to the budget proposal and a mid-year report of delivery, the deadline for the publication of the year-end report while improving content, and the timely publication of the Court of Auditors’ annual report andits summary, in order to further improve Morocco Open Budget Index (OBI).

Carried out by independent experts, this survey, which is published once every two years, is considered one of the few instruments in the world to measure the transparency and fiscal responsibility, through the evaluation of the countries` fiscal management.

This is done byassigninga score to each country calledOBIthat has an upper value of100. This score assesses the amount and type of information that governments make available to the public throughout the fiscal year, and through the publication of eight key budget documents.