The Citizen`s Budget Bill for the year 2013 : 28/11/2012

The Citizen`s Budget Bill for the year 2013

The Ministry of Economy and Finance developed "the Citizen`s Budget Bill" for the year 2013 which is part of the Government`s efforts to improve the relationship with the citizen and to establish the rights and freedoms prescribed by the new constitution, in particular the reinforcement of the citizen`s right to information.

The aim of this initiative is to reinforce the efforts of the Ministry of Economy and Finance that published the citizen`s Budget after the adoption of the Finance bill by bothHouses of the Moroccan Parliament in 2012.

By the release of this bill, the Ministry of economy and finance aims to confirm the transparency of the budget and to enable citizens, both in cities and rural areas, to give their views or to make proposals to enrich the State Budget Bill for 2013.

The public debate concerning the "2013 Citizen`s Budget Bill" is intended to allow the government to take into account the citizens` needs and to specify them in the Finance bill, which is part of the State`s strategic guidelines.

The aforementioned bill highlights the Government`s efforts in the sectors of education, health, housing and social cohesion, as well as the improvement of the living conditions of the rural populations.

This bill highlights the State`s role in terms of the compensation fund which is the first priority of the Moroccan citizen.It defines the objectives of the finance bill for the year 2013 and the key figures relating to revenue and expenditure, as well as their distribution.

The Bill sheds light on the social and economic concerns of the 2013 PLF, with the emphasis on ways to support employment and the purchasing power of citizens. The 2013 citizen`s budget billincludes also additional information interesting the citizens and human resources in the public sector.

Citizens are welcome to send their views on the following e-mail address: mailto:budget-citoyen@finances.gov.ma