Presentation of the broad guidelines of the 2013 Finance Bill in the Council of Ministers. : 05/10/2012

Presentation of the broad guidelines of the 2013 Finance Bill in the Council of Ministers.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, chaired Thursday, October 4th2012, at the Royal Palace in Marrakech, a Council of Ministers, in which the Minister of Economy and Finance Mr. Nizar Baraka, gave a presentation on the main guidelines of the 2013 Finance Bill.

In his presentation, the Minister stated that the Finance Bill for the year 2013 will take into consideration the Royal High guidelines and the commitments made within the framework of the government program. The Bill shall represent an important step in the consolidation of our country`s democratic, social and economic achievements and the finalization of our development model.

This project has three main objectives regarding the implementation of the necessary structural reforms and improving governance while ensuring the restoration of macroeconomic and financial balances, the improvement of the competitiveness of the national economy and the reduction of social and sector based disparities, through the further upgrading of the educational system to ensure equal access to education, the fight against illiteracy, poverty and insecurity, the facilitation of access to basic health services and housing, the reinforcement of solidarity and improvement of the living conditions of the population, especially in rural and remote areas.

In the same context, the Fund`s resources to support social cohesion will be reinforced to finalize the generalization of RAMED, widening the range of beneficiaries of the cash assistance program for the education of poor children and direct support to the families of people with special needs.

The financial resources of the rural and mountain areas development Fund will be strengthened as well as that of the housing solidarity Fund, whose focus is extended to derelict housing. In addition, new devices are planned to enhance job growth.