The Minister Meets with the Deputy Secretary of the American Department of Treasury : 16/11/2011

The Minister Meets with the Deputy Secretary of the American Department of Treasury

Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Economy and Finance discussed, Tuesday, November 15th 2011 in Rabat, with the Deputy Secretary of the American Department of Treasury, Charles Collyns, on the cooperative bilateral relations.   
The meeting focused also on the expectations of the Kingdom within the framework of the Partnership of Deauville in view of the U.S. presidency of G8 with effect from January 1st 2012.

The Minister highlighted, at this meeting, the new impetus currently being experienced by Morocco with the adoption of the new constitution and the forthcoming legislation deadlines.

He also presented the reforms in Morocco and the setting up of various institutions dedicated to human rights, good governance and development set by the new constitution.

Economically, M. Mezouar noted the achievements of the national economy, which experienced major changes characterised by the diversification of its productive structures, the significant improvement in growth rate and the strengthening of its resilience.

He also recalled that Morocco?s strategy of economic development is based on the diversification of sources of growth, by the promotion of the competitive advantages of the Kingdom, the development of infrastructure programs and networks, the qualification of human capital, as well as the targeting of the most vulnerable populations, openness on the external world and regional integration.

He stressed, in this respect, that the Partnership of Deauville will play an important role to support this momentum and support the preservation and consolidation of macro-economic achievements of Morocco and to pursue and accelerate its strategy of growth, development and openness.

With regard to this issue, Mr. Collyns stated that his country wishes that its presidency of G8 further strengthens the Moroccan-American relations.

In a statement to the press after the meeting, the U.S. official also stated that his discussion with Mr. Mezouar focused on the reforms launched in the Kingdom in various fields, as well as the challenging environment of the global economy.

The Deauville Partnership, launched May 27th by G8 under the French Presidency, aims at accompanying the political developments in the Middle- East and North Africa.

Morocco was officially invited to join the Partnership of Deauville in July 2011.