The Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) and the World Bank (WB): Fighting fraud and corruption : 03/05/2011

The Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF) and the World Bank (WB): Fighting fraud and corruption

In partnership with the (IGF), the World Bank organized a workshop on "the fight against fraud and corruption" in Rabat in May 3rd and 4th 2011. This event, proposed by the (IGF) and funded by the World Bank, is part of the constitutional reforms declared by His Majesty the King in his speech of March 9th 2011 namely those relating to the moral integrity in public life, control and accountability and promoting transparency and accountability values.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Particia McKenzie, in charge of the Bank`s financial management of MENA region, pointed out to the good relations of cooperation including auditing funded projects linking the Bank and the (IGF) since 1985. She also stated that this workshop matches with the debate on the moralization of public life and especially after His Majesty the King`s speech.

In his opening address, Mr. Benyoussef SABONI, Inspector General of Finance, reiterated the importance and relevance of such a topic.

The Inspector General of Finance, thereafter, specified that within the framework of the modernization process of the public administration, the IGF must steadily carry this mobility of reforms, and preserve diversified fields of action by enhancing its advisory role at public decision making. It must also maintain an operational ability for control and checking to preserve the financial security of the state and contribute to the fight against all forms of corruption and fraud.

The workshop, organized in two days with the participation of 50 inspectors of Finance and chaired by Mr. Mohamed El Maini, an expert under the vice president of the bank responsible for the integrity, concerned the following modules:

  • Fraud and investigation process;
  • Investigation methods;
  • governance and corruption;
  • Fraud and Corruption: the vulnerability of sectors

It should be recalled that the IGF contribution and speeches in this event have focused on the following aspects:

  • Fight against fraud and corruption and transparency promotion: the role of the IGF by Moha BOUSTA, Inspector of Finance of exceptional rank;
  • Approach to fight against fraud: cooperation between the IGF and the European office anti-fraud, by Khalid BENDAOU, Inspector of Finance Head of Mission;
  • Techniques to identify signs of fraud and corruption by the IGF: case studies, by Hassan Mokhlis, Inspector of Finance Head of Mission.

At the end of this meeting, participants recommended the following:

  1. The need to consider the legal framework governing the functions of the IGF to take account of the fight against fraud and corruption;
  2. Strengthening the operational skills of the inspectors of finance in their fight against fraud and corruption.
  3. The need to institutionalize relations with the World Bank namely the Integrity vice Presidency.

Finally, it should be noted that Thursday, May 5th 2011, a working meeting was held at the (IGF), headed by the Inspector General of Finance and Mrs. Mc Kenzie Particia to discuss ways to implement the recommendations put forward at this+ workshop . The main decisions and expectations can be summarized as follows:

  1. The formalization of cooperation with the World Bank to support the IGF to organize training courses in favour of inspectors of finance;
  2. Sharing of know-how in the fight against fraud and corruption, and particularly the dedicated software and manuals and guides used.
  3. Technical assistance to the IGF in investigations in computerized environment.