The Government Council passes a bill on microcredit : 06/05/2021

The Government Council passes a bill on microcredit

The Government Council held a meeting on Thursday May 6th 2021 and passed a bill n°50.20 on microcredit.

The present bill, presented by the Minister of  Economy, Finance and Administration Reform, Mr Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, aims to determine the microcredit ceiling and to clarify the liquidation system of microfinance associations of which the accreditation has not yet been withdrawn. It also aims to adapt the present bill’s provisions to those of the banking law and to guarantee a sole representation for microcredit institutions regardless of their legal form.

The microcredit sector occupies a special place in the moroccan financial system, since it is a major leverage for the reinforcement of financial inclusion, fight against poverty and economically vulnerable groups inclusion, via income-generating activities funding.

For this purpose, a legal frame implementation was necessary in order to promote microfinance establishments as well as their activity. The said frame includes microcredit granting and microinsurance operations, according to current regulation, as well as the possibilities offered by the law in terms of the said institutions’ creation. The last-named may opt for two types of statute, in this case, an association similar to a credit institution and a joint-stock company similar to a credit institution.