Morocco launches its National Portal to Support Entrepreneurship “AlMoukawala” : 17/12/2020

Morocco launches its National Portal to Support Entrepreneurship “AlMoukawala”

The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administration Reform launched, Thursday 17 December 2020, in Rabat, the "National portal to support entrepreneurship", bringing together all the public support offers to entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of this portal, which aims to be a “unique portal” for public support instruments dedicated to business, is meant to strengthen visibility and communication, in the different regions of the Kingdom, on the instruments of support for business, particularly with project holders, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The portal "www.almoukawala.gov.ma" which brings together and consolidates the electronic links of the various institutions and platforms dedicated to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, also offers a multitude of information and functions specially designed for the entrepreneur such as the calendar of major events related to entrepreneurship, economic news, frequently asked questions and the entrepreneurship glossary.

The webinar to launch this portal, which is part of the continuity of the implementation of actions to promote private investment and support entrepreneurship in particular the "Integrated Program for Support and Financing of Entrepreneurship", was also the occasion to distribute the mobile application of the portal (Almoukawala) downloadable on Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS) and to present the 2020 edition of the" Annual collection of support instruments to entrepreneurship".

-Watch the Webinar of the launch ceremony of the National Enterpreneurship Support Portal “AlMoukawala”.: