MCA-Morocco holds its 9th Strategic Orientation Board : 14/10/2020

MCA-Morocco holds its 9th Strategic Orientation Board

The 9th session of the Strategic Orientation Board (SOB) of the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco) was held on Wednesday October 14, 2020 in Rabat, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economy, Finance and of the Reform of the Administration, Mohamed BENCHAABOUN.

The Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Saaïd Amzazi, MCC Resident Director in Morocco, and other members of the SOB or their representatives attended the proceedings of the 8th session.

This session was devoted to the presentation of the implementation report of the cooperation program object of “Compact II”, concluded between the Moroccan Government and its American counterpart, represented by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), as well as to the examination of the implementation of actions and measures recommended by the SOB members to accelerate the pace of this program.

On this occasion, Mr. BENCHAABOUN welcomed the qualitative progress made in the implementation of the various activities under Compact II, thanks to the efforts exerted by all the ministerial departments and public establishments concerned and to the effective involvement of the private sector and civil society. In this sense, the Minister highlighted:

  • The launch of equipping 90 schools with teaching and robotics materials beneficiaries of the “Secondary education” project at the level of the three target regions (Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceïma, Fez-Meknes and Marrakesh-Safi) and the completion of the equipment of 34 establishments with computer equipment at the level of the Tanger-Tetouan Region -Al Hoceïma and the rehabilitation works of the 1st batch of 18 establishments in this region.

  • The imminent launch of infrastructure works at 9 of the 15 vocational training establishments (VTE) receiving support from the “Charaka” Fund and the continuation of support for the various aspects of the reform of the vocational reform, in particular as regards the development of the benchmark for the costs of vocational training and the certification of graduates of private VTEs.

  • The training and integration of a first group of beneficiaries of the Employment Program through results-based financing (RBF) and the ongoing support of several partners, in particular the Ministry of Labor and Professional Integration, INDH, ANAPEC, the General Directorate of Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) and the Mohammed VI Foundation for the reintegration of inmates, with a view to replicating RBF programs aimed at strengthening the employability of youth.

  • Progress of off-site infrastructure works at the level of the three pilot industrial zones in the Casablanca-Settat Region and the ongoing realization of various technical studies (Infrastructures; Environmental and social performances; and Gender and social inclusion) for the 9 projects selected to benefit from the financial and technical support of the Sustainable Industrial Zones Fund (FONZID)

  • Under the “Rural land” project, completion of field survey work on 36,000 Ha of collective land affected by the melkization operation in the irrigation perimeters of Gharb and Haouz, of which 15,000 Ha saw the start of the subdivision operation and the ongoing launch of the implementation of the accompanying measures for the melkization operation provided for in the partnership agreements with the National Office of Agricultural Advisory ( ONCA) and the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy (ANLCA).

For his part, the Resident Director of MCC in Morocco, Richard Gaynor, praised the mobilization of the MCA-Morocco Agency and its partners which allowed the accomplishment of several achievements during the past quarter, indicating that the recent visits that ‘he carried out in the sites hosting certain Compact II projects revealed the significant positive impacts of this program, as well as the high expectations of the beneficiaries and the extent of the work that remains to be completed.

The Director General of the MCA-Morocco Agency, Malika Laasri, for her part presented to the members of the Board the performance report of Compact II since the last session of the SOB, underlining the substantial progress made by the Agency under its financial achievements, as evidenced by the recording of a fund commitment rate of 55% currently, or $ 250 million, against 38% at the end of July 2020, it is detailed.

At the end of this meeting, the Board approved a series of resolutions, which mainly concern the activity report of the Agency under the 3rd year of Compact II, as well as the manual of financial procedures “Fiscal Accountability Plan” and the Agency’s procurement program, such as they have been amended and updated.

In addition to the approval of the draft implementation agreement between the Agency and the Directorate General of Civil Protection aimed at raising the level of compliance with safety standards of three pilot industrial zones in the Casablanca-Settat Region, the SOB has approved partnership agreements concluded by the Agency within the framework of the implementation of Compact II, including in particular that signed with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) relating to the implementation of a technical assistance and capacity building program for industrial land in Morocco.