Joint press release by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform and the European Union : 26/05/2020

Joint press release by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform and the European Union

Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform of the Kingdom of Morocco, and Ms. Claudia WIEDEY, the European Union Ambassador to Morocco, welcomed the contributions of more than 1.7 billion dirhams (157 million euros) made by the European Union to Morocco on May 26, in support of the fight against COVID-19.

These contributions were made through European Union support programs, particularly for Health, Social Welfare, Training and Education, and Business Competitiveness and Green Growth. These grants reflect the tireless efforts made by the Morocco since the first days of the pandemic, particularly through the COVID-19 National Solidarity Fund.

The support of the European Union reinforces the proactive approach adopted by the Kingdom of Morocco, following the Royal Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in the management of this crisis, and the measures taken to mitigate its health, social and economic implications.

Morocco appreciates the spirit of solidarity shown by the European Union towards its long-standing partner in this time of crisis.

Morocco and the European Union have succeeding in implementing the commitments made in March 2020, within extremely short deadlines, thanks to the ongoing efforts of their teams in Rabat and Brussels.

Other contributions of more than 3 billion dirhams (300 million euros) will be made by the end of 2020 and will help mitigate the economic and social implications of the health crisis, particularly through a specific "European support program in response to the COVID-19 crisis" and a third phase of the Health support program.

Beyond the current unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the European Union and Morocco confirm their willingness to further strengthen their partnership based on the shared principles of solidarity, mutual respect, joint ownership, shared responsibility and transparency.