The Minister of Economy and Finance noted that the tax reform aims to enhance the role of taxation in financing social policies : 01/07/2019

The Minister of Economy and Finance noted that the tax reform aims to enhance the role of taxation in financing social policies

Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, Minister of Economy and Finance, stated, Monday, July 1st 2019 in the House of Representatives, that the planned tax reform aims to strengthen the role of taxation in the financing of social policies and to ensure an attractive environment for value-added productive investments, which can consolidate the national economy and improve competitiveness.

In reply to a key question in the House of Representatives on "The 3rd Conference on Taxation", Mr. BENCHAABOUN stressed that the reform project plans the contribution of national taxation and local taxation in the financing of socio-economic development policies and reducing the tax burden on taxpayers, as well as broadening the tax base to ensure a fair distribution of tax burdens.

This project also aims to set a simple and adequate tax system for professionals with a limited income, including traders, artisans and service providers, he noted.

For Mr. BENCHAABOUN, this project aims to ensure the convergence of tax measures with the general principles and accounting rules in force, as well as the compliance of the national tax system with the international regulations and standards and the successful experiences in policies and fiscal governance.

It also aims at encouraging business competitiveness and the mobilization of savings, by focusing on productive sectors with added value, he noted.

He went on to say that the objective of this tax reform is to establish an adequate fiscal framework for the taxation of properties, given their nature, composition, uses and legal status and the integration of the informal sector in the economy as well as the strengthening of the devices to fight against tax fraud and the simplification and rationalization of taxes of local authorities, by incorporating it into the general tax code.

For the optimal implementation of the tax reform project, he added, a progressive approach will be established to implement the recommendations of the 3rd Conference on Taxation, while focusing on a series of urgent steps.

Thus, he noted that the government will focus on planning the other recommendations in the medium term, according to national and international economic outlook.

​A total of 78 recommendations, which are intended as a platform for the planned tax reform, resulted from these meetings. On the basis of these recommendations, he indicated, a framework bill will be prepared to determine the reform strategic appraoches.