Mr. Benchaaboun participates in the inaugural meeting of the "VSB Forum” : 13/02/2019

 Mr. Benchaaboun participates in the inaugural meeting of the "VSB Forum”

​ Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, Minister of Economy and Finance took part in Casablanca, Wednesday, February 13, 2019, in the inaugural meeting of the "Very Small Businesses (VSB) Forum ", organized under the theme "What concrete measures to strengthen and structure VSBs in Morocco". This forum brings together more than 600 ecosystem players, all driven by the will to help very small businesses, self-entrepreneurs, startups and project leaders to meet the challenges they face for a better future.

Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN, pointed out during the inaugural session of this Forum that "The Small Business Act project, which is under preparation, aims to put in place a strategic framework to develop small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in general and to create an integrated vision to overcome the constraints faced by very small businesses (VSB) ".

The Minister also mentioned that "all the interventions of the various players in the business sector, generally, and VSBs, in particular; should be part of a comprehensive strategy that sets clear goals and visions for coordinating action and identifying priorities".

Moreover, he noted that very small businesses are of crucial importance in economic development, stating that this category constitutes about 95% of the total number of Moroccan companies.

The majority of these companies achieve a turnover that does not exceed 3 million dirhams, continued Mr. BENCHAABOUN, in addition to their weight in the Moroccan economic fabric, the VSBs have a great potential to create employment and contribute to sustainable development, which is able to generate wealth, fight poverty and improve living standards and social inclusion. The Minister also stressed that the government and his department, particularly consider the development of VSBs as a national priority and the most important element in Morocco's development strategies, noting that the approach adopted to this end, is based on two aspects, namely the improvement of the business climate and the implementation of policies, incentives and support programs for companies, specifically VSBs, with the aim of improving their competitiveness.

​ These measures concern, among other things, the supervision and support of very small businesses (VSBs), the promotion of investment, the improvement of the tax framework, the simplification of procedures and support for access to financing, explained Mr. BENCHAABOUN.