Organization of three national conferences on taxation : 25/12/2018

Organization of three national conferences on taxation

The Ministry of Economy and Finance will hold, May 3rd and 4th 2019 the national meetings on taxation in Skhirat- Rabat. This event should be a contribution to set out the framework for a more effective, competitive, balanced and transparent tax system, supported by a wider tax base and lower tax rates.

Such system which is based on best international tax practices, will enshrine the principles of a State based on the rule of law in tax matters, will be an essential element of the new model of development aimed at expanding the foundations for wealth generation, inclusive growth and the involvement of all actors in the development efforts of our country, depending on their tax capacity.

These meetings should also halt the progression with the view to bring our tax system into line with international norms and standards.

The preparation for these meetings will take place within the framework of thematic committees which will start their meetings at the beginning of 2019.

All national actors concerned as well as international tax experts will be involved in this process.

A framework bill covering the programming of different steps of the reform of the national tax system will be developed on the basis of the works and the outcomes of these meetings.