Macro-economic Seminar Moroccan-French, DEPF- DG-Trésor France : 21/06/2018

Macro-economic Seminar Moroccan-French, DEPF- DG-Trésor France

Within the framework of the strengthening of cooperation between the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance and France Expertise, the Directorate of Studies and Financial Forcasts (DEPF), in partnership with the Directorate General of Treasury (DG-Trésor France), organized, June 21st 2018, at the headquarters of the MEF Rabat, a macroeconomic seminar, co-chaired by Mr. Mounssif ADERKAOUI, Director of the DEPF and Mr. Arnaud BUISSE, economist chief representative. 

The seminar, characterized by the presence of the MEF Secretary General, consisted of four sessions and covered respectively economic prospects on an international scale, with a focus on French and Moroccan cases.This event also highlighed the relation between the institutional features and the economic development in Morocco and France as well as reviewed foreign trade potential of both countries and analysed the bases and prospects of their policy in the housing sector.

​ During this meeting, debates were rich and relevant. They allowed to further discuss the various issues reviewed and share the expertise developed in the field by both parties. Seeking to carry this virtuous approach on, the DEPF and the DG-Trésor considered it appropriate to establish a regular dialogue on issues of common concern in order to strengthen their cooperation and share their respective skills.