Signing Ceremony of a Morocco-EU Twinning Contract "Strengthening the Gender Responsive Budgeting Process" : 13/12/2017

Signing Ceremony of a Morocco-EU Twinning Contract "Strengthening the Gender Responsive Budgeting Process"

Mr. Mohamed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Mrs. Claudia WIEDEY, Ambassador Head of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) in Morocco, signed, Wednesday, December 13th , 2017 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Morocco-EU Twinning Contract for the Strengthening of the Gender Responsive Budgeting Process in Morocco, within the framework of "Succeeding the Advanced Status (RSA) phase II" program.

First, the Minister stressed the importance of the twinning which further confirms the cooperation links between our country and the European Union and which aims to strengthen these relations in the field of the promotion of gender equality through gender-responsive budgeting, in the light of the requirements of the European achievements and good practices, in order to contribute to its implementation in the budget planning and programming.

He also highlighted the importance of this program, which is part of our government's ongoing commitment to modernization and democratization, based on human capital and the speed up of the pace of equitable and sustainable development.

Thus, the present program strengthens this partnership and represents a further step in the process of introducing the gender approach in the elaboration and analysis of sector-based budgets accompanied by the Center of Excellence for Gender Responsive Budgeting (CE-BSG).

On the other hand, the Ambassador Head of the EU Delegation emphasized the importance of the EU in promoting gender equality. The latter is not just a matter of equal rights but also development of a strategy. She also stressed that Morocco shares this vision with the EU via the new constitution, the reform of the Organic Law on the Finance Act and the setting up of performance indicators. Thus, this twinning project will be at the service of this vision.

The present program will enable (i) the reinforcement of the institutional capacities of the (CE-BSG); (ii) the dialogue and exchange on the strengthening of the (BSG) within the Moroccan budget process and (iii) the support of the government departments that promote the (BSG).

Finally, Mr. Mohamed BOUSSAID and Mrs. Claudia WIEDEY welcomed the level of partnership links between the Kingdom of Morocco and the EU.