Morocco-EU: the Launch of the twinning project "Support to the Court of Auditors" : 18/10/2017

Morocco-EU: the Launch of the twinning project "Support to the Court of Auditors"

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, took part, Wednesday, October 18th  2017 in Rabat, in the ceremony of the launch of the Morocco-EU Twinning project "Support to the Court of Auditors", initiated in partnership with the " The Court of Auditors of the French Republic and the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom, which was chaired by the first President of the Court of Auditors, Mr. Driss JETTOU.

This project, over the period 2017-2019, is of great importance as far as it takes place in the context of the strategic vision to make the Moroccan Court of Auditors a credible supreme institution of monitoring public finances, able to contribute significantly to the improvement of public management.

With the adoption of the Organic Law on Finance Laws (LOF) in June 2015, Morocco is committed to a new generation of public finance reforms, stated Mr. JETTOU, noting that now the management of public finances should as never before be based on the principles of the accuracy of public accounts, the introduction of wealth accounting, public policy efficiency, performance assessment, accountability as well as the strengthening of parliamentary control.

During this event, the Minister underlined that the (LOF) provides the basis for results-based budget management, which is likely to guarantee better visibility and control of budget issues and the process of preparation and execution of the State budget, considering that the introduction of the performance principles will result in granting more flexibility and freedom to managers in return for their accountability for achieving their objectives.
This 24 months program is achieved under the "HAKAMA" program. It is financed by the European Union up to 1.2 million euros and managed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

More than 50 French and British experts will be called upon to assist the Moroccan Court of Auditors in acquiring international best practices.