Participation of the Minister in the G20 conference under the theme “ investing in a common future “ : 11/06/2017

Participation of the Minister in the G20 conference under the theme “ investing in a common future “

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, has been in Berlin, at the head of an important delegation, in order to participate in the high level conference on partnership with Africa, organized by the G20 , June 12th and 13th under the theme: “investing in a common future”. This meeting celebrates the implementation of the initiative ”compact with Africa” launched by the G20 German presidency during the meeting held, March 17th 2017 at Baden-Baden.

The opening session of this conference was chaired by the German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela MERKEL, and was characterized by the participation of Mr. Alpha CONDE, president of the Republic of Guinea and the president of the African Union, and Mr. Paolo GENTILONI, Italian first Minister and president of the G7, as well as many heads of States and Governments of African countries and international financial institutions’ leaders.

During this meeting, the Minister of Economy and Finance took part in a high level dialogue devoted to the reforms of the improvement of the business environment and the promotion of private investments.


On the second day of this conference, the Minister of Economy and Finance participated in the high level panel of the 5 States of the compact with more than a hundred of international investors and held a bilateral meeting with investors willing to invest in Morocco. During these meetings, Mr. BOUSSAID presented the reforms scheduled by the compact Morocco, as well as the investment opportunities in our country, namely in sectors as automotive, aeronautic, textile, renewable energies and infrastructures. He stressed that, on this occasion, the progress our country made in terms of macroeconomic stability, structural and sector-based reforms as well as improvement in business environment and finance area.