The CCG is awarded the "Financial Inclusion" Trophy at the African Banker Awards 2017 : 24/05/2017

The CCG is awarded the "Financial Inclusion" Trophy at the African Banker Awards 2017

On May 24, 2017, the (CCG) “Caisse Centrale de Garantie” was awarded the "Financial Inclusion" at the African Banker Awards 2017, organized during the annual meetings of the African Development Bank currently held in Ahmedabad in India. This award highlights the CCG's commitment and successful strategy in terms of financial inclusion with a demonstrated impact on improving access to funding for very small and medium- sized companies (TPME) as well as low-income individuals.

The CCG makes efforts in order to reduce the funding gap for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of actors, the (TPME) and individuals who lack financing due to their limited financial resources and insufficient guarantee. This initiative further develops the market thanks to the sharing of the risk with the financial sector which could open up to populations initially excluded since it is regarded as being too risky.

The CCG’s involvement thus benefited, in the period 2013-2016, nearly 18,000 (TPME) and more than 112,000 households, with an additional +80% on average of newly-funded clients.

The CCG is at the forefront of guarantee institutions in Africa and the MENA region. The CCG’s performance (excluding mortgage loan guarantees) exceeds that of comparable countries as well as international averages, especially with respect to economic penetration, productivity and the coverage of small and medium-sized enterprises.

​ In relation to the size of the economy, the volume of outstanding loans for the (TPME) clients in Morocco is ranked 1st in the MENA region and 3rd in the Mediterranean with 1.1% of GDP (2015).