The 2017 Finance Bill in the House of Councilors : 15/05/2017

The 2017 Finance Bill in the House of Councilors

After its adoption by the 1st House of parliament last Friday, the Finance Bill 2017 was presented, Tuesday May 16th 2017 by Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, before the Committee on Finance, Planning and economic development of the House of Councilors.

On this occasion, the Minister pointed out that this Bill aimed at accelerating the structural transformation of the national economy by focusing on industrialization, export, consolidating competitiveness, encouraging private investment, reducing social and territorial disparities and reinforcing institutional governance tools. Mr. BOUSSAID clarified that this Finance Bill aims to pursue the various sector-based strategies and will enhance major infrastructure projects.

Moreover, he stressed the great importance given to social strategies in education, higher education, health, housing and employment, as well as the continuation of the program to reduce Social and territorial inequalities.

​ He added that the Government took a set of measures to encourage private and business investment, support the dynamics of the financial sector, promote employment and support research and innovation.