The royal visit to Nigeria is historical according to Mr. BOUSSAID : 05/12/2016

The royal visit to Nigeria is historical according to Mr. BOUSSAID

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, described His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s visit to Nigeria, May God Assist Him, as historical; a Country with political and economic weight.

In a statement given in Abuja to the p​ress, Mr. BOUSSAID believes that this visit, the first of its kind, demonstrated the possibilities to improve relations and cooperation between both parties in several fields, specifying that it was resulted in the signing of several Agreements to establish a South-South, fruitful, strong and cohesive cooperation, to which His Majesty the King aspires.

The Minister also stated that this visit confirms once again Morocco’s adherence to its African origins.

Mr. BOUSSAID underlined that, within the framework of the global changes, it is time for Africa to be self- confident by setting up an African economic grouping through strong cooperation and fruitful partnerships.

For the Minister, the sectors of cooperation between Morocco and Nigeria are numerous in the sectors of agriculture and water, recalling in this respect the importance of the agreements signed with the Nigerian side in Several sectors including agriculture, fertilizer production, renewable energies, finance, tourism and vocational training.

On another level, the Minister highlighted the importance of the common interest of the private sectors of the two countries to operate together in various investment areas, which will enable Morocco and Nigeria to further agree and cooperate.

​ It should be underlined that the Minister of Economy and Finance in Abuja, together with the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, signed an agreement on the mutual promotion and protection of investments. ​