Mr. BOUSSAID at the 10th International meeting on Public Finances : 16/09/2016

Mr. BOUSSAID at the 10th International meeting on Public Finances

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, chaired Friday, September 16th in Rabat the opening session of the 10th International Conference on public finances, under the theme: "Political authorities and public finances: what challenges for Morocco and France. ​

In his speech, the Minister stated that the structural reforms of public finances need to be registered on the medium and long term with the aim of timely identify possible risks and take advantage of potential opportunities.

For Mr. BOUSSAID, these reforms must be registered regardless of contingencies related to electoral and government mandates, and are expected to decide early enough for action and implement over time, with all the advisable continuity.

Addressing the link between political authorities and public finances, the Minister stated that the constitution of 2011 largely highlighted the importance of social policy and public finances of the Kingdom, noting in this regard that the Organic Law on the finance act declined the principles determined by the constitution: transparency, accountability, sharing of financial budgetary powers, approach focused on results and performance and accrual accounting, with the perspective from 2018 to the certification of State accounts.

On the other hand, Mr. Noureddine BENSOUDA, Treasurer General of the Kingdom, who presented a report during this conference, asserted that good governance and a better balance between public powers are necessary conditions to make public finances a lever for economic and social development.

Mr. BENSOUDA also recalled that public finances management in Morocco and the delimitation of the budgetary powers of the legislature, the executive and of the judicial are set by the constitution of 2011 and the Organic Law on the Finance act of 2015. He stated that the constitution stipulates that the parliament vote the Finance Act, control government action and evaluates public policies.

Moreover, the Ambassador of the French Republic in Morocco, Mr. Jean-François Girault, specified that there is no political powers without public finances, and added that public finances need to be protected from the excesses of political authorities.

​ For his part, Mr. Michel Bouvier, Director of the French Review of Public Finances, called for making public financial system an instrument to contribute to the well-being of citizens and for the realization of solidarity and the common interest.