Morocco's participation in the opening day of the Economic and Digital Francophonie : 13/09/2016


Morocco took part in the first Day of Economic and Digital Francophonie, held Wednesday in Paris in the presence of key figures from the political, diplomatic and economic world, including representatives of the public sector and the business world, academics, researchers and internationally recognized actors in the field of economy and digital.

Morocco was represented in this meeting by Ambassador of the Kingdom in France, Mr. Chakib BENMOUSSA and Mr. Mohammed CHAFIKI Director of Studies and Financial Forecasts at the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the Francophonie Working Group on the implementation of economic and digital strategy.

Speaking at the opening day of this event, Mr. CHAFIKI emphasized the importance of the guidelines of the Francophonie’s Economic Strategy , notably through support to wealth creation at the level of the private sector of the French-speaking community, noting that economic and Digital Strategy aims to re-establish the International Organization’s vision of the Francophonie (OIF) to contribute to the global debate on the role of development models to become more inclusive, respectful to environmental and human dignity. Within the framework of the implementation of this strategy, Mr. CHAFIKI stated that the economic transformations are characterized by disruptions in the evolution of global production systems for the dematerialization of production, the development of new technologies, 'knowledge economy and increasing social, generational, gender and territories inequalities.

He noted, in this regard, that the strategy notes these challenges and offers tools that establish a more inclusive vision of development and more conscious of environmental balances for productivity improvements.

"Morocco is committed to this approach to give a good example in particular through reforms, invention efforts, training, contributing to economic and social transformation and that opens up to win-win partnerships with African countries" he said, indicating that Morocco will present at the COP22 in Marrakech, a balanced view with African countries based on a sensitive approach to sustainability and respect for the environment.

It should be stressed that Morocco thus, illustrates the basis of the economic and the digital strategy of the Francophonie that opens new opportunities to integrate global value chains and ensure through the digital economy, greater participation of citizens in public governance and participatory democracy.