The Minister of Economy and Finance attends the Doha conference on "the economic future of the Middle East ' : 30/05/2016

The Minister of Economy and Finance attends the Doha conference on "the economic future of the Middle East

​Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, participated in the 11th conference on “the economic future of the Middle East '' , held in Doha, May 30th and 31st . In his opening speech, the Minister stated that stability is the key to any process of sustainable development in the Arab region;

"Such stability is also the main basis to address various political, economic and social challenges the region must face now and in the future," asserted the Minister. He added that "the first challenge countries in the region must face is that on how to ensure the basis for stability and peace, "and noting that apart from these two factors, it would be absurd to speak of development, progress and prosperity.

In addition, Mr. BOUSSAID indicated that the Arab world needs more than ever '' strong, stable, democratic and prosperous countries, '' adding that regional integration is necessary to achieve development.

Within this framework, he highlighted the experience of the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that acquired great expertise in economic integration, and whose benefits are already becoming visible.

In this respect, the Minister noted that Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, has ensured the consolidation of its partnership with the (GCC) States, based on its belief in the importance of these links as to the development of the Arab region as a whole, but also in the great contribution to resolving persistent problems regionally as well as in strengthening sustainable development.

'' Together, we are able to achieve the change expected in the region (....) And if we continue our reconciliation and our joint efforts, we can quickly move forward and overcome all difficulties, '' stated Mr. BOUSSAID. For the Minister, the main issue facing our country is how to achieve integration, sustainability and development, indicating that the creation of jobs especially for young people is a priority to achieve the desired development and, given the prominent position that youth holds in Arab societies.

Mr. BOUSSAID also noted that following the falling of oil prices in the countries of the region and its geo-strategic impact on the regional level, it is up to Arab countries, whether they are oil-producers or not, to come up with a development model based on the diversification of sources of income, as a logical solution to meet current and future challenges.

In this context, the Minister recalled that Morocco has adopted this approach by diversifying its sources of income that enable it to achieve a remarkable growth rate last year.

The remarkable change of the national economy has been dependent on the diversification of income sources, explained Mr. BOUSSAID. He indicated that the Kingdom has ensured the realization and implementation of a sector- based strategic vision that demonstrated its success and efficiency particularly in the sectors of agriculture, industry, and renewable energy, a sector in which the Kingdom has made considerable progress with the ambition of ensuring 40% of its energy needs.

​ Having emphasized the importance of the environmental dimension in sustainable development, the Minister stated that the involvement of Arab women in any development process has become a priority, noting that the Arab world needs reform for facilitating the integration of this category in the Arab social structure.