The Minister of Economy and Finance meets the president of the MEDEF : 11/03/2016

The Minister of Economy and Finance meets the president of the MEDEF

Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, received, Friday, March 11th , 2016 in Rabat, Mr. Pierre GATTAZ, President of the "Movement of the Enterprises of France" (MEDEF), who was accompanied by a large delegation of French businessmen representing several economic sectors.

At this meeting, Mr. BOUSSAID pointed out to the exceptional nature of the relations of friendship and cooperation between Morocco and France and stressed the role of French investment in the economic development of Morocco and the deepening of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Minister of Economy and Finance highlighted that the participation of French companies in the implementation of development projects in Morocco reflects the degree of confidence in our country and invited French companies to further develop their partnership with Moroccan companies within the framework of various sector-based strategies launched by Morocco.

In this respect, Mr. BOUSSAID gave an overview on Morocco’s performance on the macroeconomic level and put an emphasis on the sector-based policies developed by the Kingdom including the Green Morocco Plan, the Industrial Acceleration Plan, the plan energy and tourism.

The Minister has also underlined the possibilities offered by the Financial city of Casablanca, stating that this Centre can facilitate the mobilization of funding to the African continent. He, at the same time, invited the French businessmen, eager to invest in Africa, to consider the passage through this financial centre.

Mr. BOUSSAID also highlighted Morocco’s interest in investment in Africa, noting that the development of triangular cooperation Morocco-France-Africa will also require the establishment of production units in Morocco.

In addition, the Minister stated that cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the French Republic must increasingly take into account the training component through the setting up of research centers especially in high-value areas.

​The President of the (MEDEF) reported that his visit to Morocco is part of the privileged economic relations between Morocco and France. He added that the objective is to give more impetus to trade between the two countries and to identify investment opportunities for French and Moroccan companies on sub-Saharan markets. Mr. Pierre GATTAZ expressed his willingness to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries in terms of the training of engineers and technicians as well as in the digital field.