Technical workshop on the legal and regulatory framework of Public-Private Partnership contracts (PPP) : 19/01/2016

Technical workshop on the legal and regulatory framework of Public-Private Partnership contracts (PPP)

The Department of Public Enterprises and Privatisation (DEPP) held January 19th, 2016 in Rabat, in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD), a Technical Workshop on the legal and regulatory framework of Public-Private Partnership contracts (PPP).

This event was attended by several government departments and Public Establishments and Enterprises (EEP) .It was an opportunity to learn and deepen knowledge on the contributions of the new Law No. 86-12 relating to PPP contracts and further master their techniques through the measures eminent experts took in this field and who accompanied the (DEPP) in the implementation process of an institutional and legislative framework of (PPP) in Morocco.

In his opening speech, the Director of Public Enterprises and Privatization, Mr. Samir Mohammed TAZI, thanked the (IDB) and the (ICD) policy-makers as well as experts present for their support and their commitment to the development this ambitious project in Morocco. He also highlighted the special features of this new legal framework which is based primarily on the development of the new culture of management of public order, based on the preliminary needs assessment, performance analysis, control costs and optimized risks sharing.

This legal framework will boost the use of (PPP) in various sectors, particularly the social one. Mr. TAZI also stressed that the success of (PPP) depends heavily on the quality of the preparation of projects, transparency in awarding contracts and the convergence of the expectations of citizens, the public sector and the private sector in terms, respectively, of the quality of services, the optimization of costs and return on the investments involved.

In his speech during the meeting, the representative of the (ICD), Mr. Farid MASMOUDI recalled the mobilization of his institution to provide the necessary technical and /or financial assistance to the realization of infrastructure projects. He assured that the (IDB) is committed to assist the ministries and the (EEP) during the prior assessment phases of potential projects by mobilizing experts and the necessary funding.

The workshop focused on five sessions that helped to present the general principles of the law on (PPP) contracts and its implementing decree, the various steps of the project cycle, technical, financial and legal of the (PPP) projects, ways of project procurement as well as contractual, monitoring and control provisions of (PPP) contracts.

The experience of the (IDB) Group's financing of (PPP) was also evoked at the meeting and highlighted the success factors of (PPP) projects including the timeliness and responsiveness of the entity of the project, the specification of the project cost throughout the whole process of the project cycle that will lead to a realistic cost, the accession of all project stakeholders as well as the need for the same level of skills and expertise in (PPP) between (PPP) Unit under the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and those created within the various ministries and (EEP).

​ At the end of this event, Mrs. Najat SAHER, the (PPP) Unit Manager within the MEF, welcomed the success of this workshop and thanked the representatives of (IDB) and (ICD), experts, members of the( PPP) Unit and participants for their mobilization. She reiterated the commitment of the said unit under the (DEPP) to provide all the support to the implementation of (PPP) projects that meet the requirements and to support initiatives to strengthen the public-private link to accelerate the dynamics of the economic and social development of our country and meet the growing needs of citizens.