Mr. Mohamed BOUSSAID presents before His Majesty King Mohammed VI the outlines of the new development model of the Southern provinces : 07/11/2015

Mr. Mohamed BOUSSAID presents before His Majesty King Mohammed VI the outlines of the new development model of the Southern provinces

​Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAID, Minister of Economy and Finance, presented Saturday, November 7th , 2015 in Laayoune, during the Launch ceremony of the new Development model of the Southern Provinces, chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid, the broad lines of this new model that is totaling 77 billion dirhams to finance its projects.

"The implementation of this ambitious vision will serve to increase the overall local product and create 120,000 jobs, and thereby develop southern provinces of the kingdom to even allow them to play their full role as a regional gateway, an African economic hub and a link with Euro?pe, "stated the Minister.

Mr. BOUSSAID noted that the new model of development of the Southern Provinces is based on axes which include the setting up of competitive centers able to create a new dynamic and job opportunities for young people and women, consolidate the integrated development and promote the cultural dimension based on responsible governance through advanced regionalization.

"It is also important to guarantee human rights in order to boost confidence and democracy, ensure sustainable development while strengthening the networks linking the southern provinces, on the one hand, the rest of the kingdom as a whole and countries in sub-Saharan Africa on the other, "asserted the Minister.

Mr. Boussaid added, in this regard, that these basic infrastructures will enable the region to establish as a new development center that puts the individual at the heart of all programs and projects. He also noted that the implementation of this strategy will also be realized through strengthening development mechanisms, supporting the production sector, integrating small and medium enterprises (SMEs), boosting social development and promoting the Hassani culture.

"This strategy also involves the ongoing management of natural resources, the environmental protection, the strengthening of communication networks, the expansion of the regions’ skills by providing them with working mechanisms as well as the establishment of funding mechanisms "explained the Minister. He added that the aim of the economic dimension of this new model is the upgrading of development mechanisms in accordance with the support program of the production sectors (phosphates, agriculture, maritime fishing and ecological tourism).

Regarding the phosphate sector and with a budget estimated at 16.8 billion DH, the Minister of Economy and Finance stressed that the project Phosboucraâ for industrial development plans to promote the local phosphate and integrate all the production chain components for export capable of ensuring optimal promotion of resources and thus make it more beneficial for local people. As for agricultural development projects, Mr. BOUSSAID reported that they aim to improve the living conditions of the population through the creation of job opportunities (11,000 jobs), the diversification of revenue sources and the rational use of natural resources by an agricultural promotion of the Dakhla region over an area of ??5 ha for a budget of around 1.3 billion dirhams.

This process involves the desalination of sea water in order to preserve the water table. The province of Boujdour is also included. It will benefit from development projects over an area of ??100 hectares for a total cost of 465 million dirhams. It is also expected, as part of promoting agriculture characterized by solidarity in the southern provinces, the realization of 50 projects at a cost of 1.5 billion dirhams. These programs will benefit a population of approximately 16.800.

As for enhancing the value of seafood and fish farming, important projects will be realized at the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab area allowing the creation of 8,000 jobs. This includes two main projects relating to the exploitation of marine products (1.2 billion dirhams) and the promotion of fish farming industry in three geographic regions (3.7 billion dirhams). In terms of ecological tourism, the Minister indicated that a new tourist center will be created with the launch of an innovative tourism offer combining sea, Sahara, culture and environmental dimensions while developing a complementary offer that focuses on culture, the environment and local products. This program provides for the creation of 84 projects for investments estimated at 2.1 billion dirhams.

Regarding the social dimension, the program aims to achieve a qualitative step towards qualifying human resources and strengthening cultural dimension, which will enable to take equitably advantage from local resources, create job opportunities, acquire basic equipment and enjoy high quality social services.

In this vein, a center of excellence will be implemented through the creation of a university hospital Center (CHU) in Laayoune at a cost of 1.2 billion dirhams. This (CHU) is likely to improve health care and provide quality medical services. In addition, the creation of a Technopole in the Foum El Oued region is planned at a cost of 2 billion DH, an institution that will be set up as training, development, and technological as well as cultural innovation center.

Regarding the environmental dimension, Mr. BOUSSAID reported the structuring of three areas of sustainable development, the preservation of fragile ecological systems through the conservation of marine resources and fisheries resources, the development of renewable energy and the protection of ecosystems.

The Minister added that the realization of the dam Oued Noun at the province of Guelmim will face drinking water scarcity, mobilize the water resources required for the irrigation of agricultural land and contribute to protect the area from potential floods. In the same context, the development model attaches great importance to improving the spatial connection of the Southern Province to other territorial entities to benefit from all the opportunities the geostrategic site of the kingdom offers.

To this end, the strengthening and expansion of the mobile coverage in the second, third and fourth generation at a cost of almost $ 1 billion DH will be carried out, in that this project provides new connections via optical fibers and the ongoing modernization of networks.

That is in addition to the construction of the Atlantic highway Tiznit-Laayoune-Dakhla so as to link the southern provinces to other regions of the Kingdom, which is likely to facilitate trade, develop means of transport and ensure road safety.

"This project will be carried out in two parts, the first of which will require investments of around 8.5 billion DH. Similarly, the construction of the Atlantic port on the Atlantic coast is expected at a cost of 6 billion DH, "stated Mr. BOUSSAID.